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Why CCC?

Being part of a charter school community offers many benefits to families. Charter schools are able to select their own curriculum, (as long as it adheres to the North Carolina Standards). They are also able to set their own calendar. Charter schools are also able to incorporate feedback from parents to improve school policies.



Charlotte Choice Charter (CCC) tries to take advantage of all of the benefits of charter schools. CCC offers small class sizes. We have implemented Character Education classes into our curriculum so children are able to learn about important character traits like responsibility, gratitude and respect. We offer a Reading special area class to our kindergarten through 5th grades so students are able to feel prepared and confident regarding their reading skills. We have also implemented a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) special area class for kindergarten through 8th grades.



CCC encourages extra-curricular activities to include clubs Chess, arts and reading and more. We also have a youth leadership club called Development and Mentorship for Today’s Youth (DM4TY). Students in DM4TY participate in community outreach projects throughout the year, and also open up community projects to the whole school (i.e. Socktober, where the whole school was encouraged to bring in socks for those in need).



CCC also enjoys activities that are typical among elementary schools. CCC has an award ceremony for all students every quarter, where students are recognized for A honor roll, A/B honor roll and achieving certain percentiles or surpassing goals on tests. We also have a monthly Character Education Award ceremony where a student in every grade is recognized for exhibiting the month’s character trait. We have an extremely active PTO who meet monthly to brainstorm potential growth for CCC as well as different events throughout the year.



We would love to have your child be part of our school community!