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School Uniforms

 Uniform Policy

Students are to be in uniform dress code upon arrival until departure from school property unless otherwise approved by administration.  The administration reserves the right to determine appropriateness of dress in cases not covered by the Dress Code or in other cases as they may arise:

1. Tops — Purple (K - 5th) OR Black (6th - 8th) polo style shirt with Charlotte Choice Charter Logo.

A. Shirts must be tucked into bottoms.

B. Sweaters/Sweatshirts:  with CCC logo or solid black only, no hoods.

C. School wear: any top printed/embroidered with school name or crest (with or without collar) on designated days.

2. Bottoms - SOLID khaki

A. Pants should not hang on the floor or be worn below the waist.

B. Shorts/Skorts/Skirts/Jumpers: Hems should fall below fingertips when hands are extended to the side.

D. Cargo style bottoms are not permitted. 

3. Shoes and Socks/Tight

A. Black tennis shoes or hard soled shoes including loafers and oxfords.

B. Enclosed toe shoes only.

C. No lights in shoes, no leggings.

D. Socks/tights in black only – no designs, patterns, etc.

4. Coats/Jackets

A. Coats or jackets of any color may be worn before and after school as well as during recess.  They cannot be worn in the classroom or hallway areas during the school day.

B. To be worn in class/hallways coats/jackets other than with the CCC logo must be solid black and have no logo, label, symbol or brand name visible.

5. Hair

A. All students should have well-groomed hair in traditional styles.

B. Boys’ hair should be kept neat and clean and be out of the eyes, clearly off the collar, and not below the ears. No bizarre, trendy haircuts (i.e. mohawks) or pony tails of any type. Side burns must not be below the earlobe.

C. Bangs are not to hang in the eyes.

D. No unnatural colored hair such as orange, green, purple, yellow etc. are allowed.

6. Other

A. The following jewelry is permitted so long as it is in good taste:

Girls: 1 pair earrings, 1 watch, 1 ring and/or one necklace

Boys: 1 watch, 1 ring and/or 1 necklace

B. Clothing is not to be tight or form fitting.

C. Belts: black

D. No visible tattoos or body piercing.

E. Clothing should always be in good repair with holes mended.

F. Students are to be clean.

G. No head covering may be worn at school unless required for specific/approved reason.


Dress code will be checked at the beginning of each day.  Students are expected to be responsible enough to observe dress code. Staff should not be expected to take up instructional time to address violations, therefore repeated or continual violations will be addressed as a discipline matter by administration.

Uniform Violation:
     Purple polo style shirt with CCC logo
     Bottoms - Solid Khaki (No Cargo Pants)
     All Black Socks / Tights
     All Black Shoes

*** Every 3 violations equal a 1 day suspension from school ***