Charlotte ChoiceCharter School

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Mission & Vision


To be a leader in STEAM education, preparing and motivating scholars to become 21st century pioneers and meet the challenges of our global society through innovation, collaboration, critical and creative thinking.



To work together as a community of teachers, staff, students, families and volunteers to provide students an advanced academic experience with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).



Charlotte Choice Charter’s teaching approach is based on our motto; success with every child in mind. We support strong intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth and believe that every child has gifts and talents that should be discovered and nurtured. At Charlotte Choice Charter, all students are encouraged to strive to do their best and achieve at the highest levels.



Success With Every Child In Mind

  • Maintaining quality facilitators in every classroom
  • Creating a 1:1 initiative to ensure that every student is equipped for success
  • Providing a cutting edge and rigorous curriculum designed to meet each learners needs
  • Collaborating and developing partnerships in the Community
  • Developing a quality character education program

  • We believe that all students regardless of race or background can succeed.
  • We believe that quality teachers in collaboration with supportive staff is the recipe for success among our scholars.
  • We believe that consistent support of parents is the key to scholars success.
  • We believe that partnering and collaborating with community members maximizes scholars learning.
  • We believe that the integration of technology enhances scholars performance.
  • We believe that STEAM prepares our students to compete on a global level.
  • Recruit quality teachers and support staff
  • Achieve high academic growth or 90% proficiency
  • Create a culture of independent learners
  • Create a quality STEAM program
  • Rollout a 1:1 initiative