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Message From Our Principal

Dear Parents:


We have been in school for 27 days.  We are making great progress in such little time. 


  • We have our Science Olympiad Elementary Team established.
  • Our College Leadership Mentoring Group for our Middle School students
  • Our PTO with the President Ms. Ieashia Kierce and  Ms. Tajma Jorden, Vice President
  • School-Wide Instructional Strategies in place
  • High expectations for learning.
  • Great parents, students and staff J


As we get to know your children and you, we are requesting your help.


For us to reach academic success, we need certain things to be in place each day.

  • Accountability from everyone- to name a few:

Parents are accountable for ensuring students get to school each day -on time- and staying all day. Why is this important?  If your child has Math first thing in the morning at 8:05 but they arrive at 8:30 (once bags are unpacked and they are settled) half of Math is missed.  Parents are also accountable for ensuring that their children complete all school assignments.

Students are accountable for learning: coming to school prepared and ready each day, completing all assignments and for excellent behavior in school.

Teachers are accountable for teaching and caring about the students they teach: treating students the way they would want others to treat their own children.

I am accountable for the overall operation of the school: ensuring teachers have the resources to teach, our students and staff are safe and basically having a school environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.


We will not accept excuses for why students can’t but why they will.  All students are capable of learning

  • Let’s remain positive – Remember C.A.R.E. for our school.
  • Join the PTA-Volunteer your time to the classroom
  • Communication- Please read all information that comes from the school and visit our website for updates. Please respond to teacher/school requests.
  • Push your students to be the best in everything that they do!


I always say that parents are their child’s first teacher. When you believe in them and it’s echoed at home constantly, they will come to school with high confidence and determination.


We have a lot of work to do this year, but I can truly say that we are off to a great start.  We have the best parents, students, teachers and staff that are going to make CCC one of the best Charter Schools.

Cassandra Gregory - Principal