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  Grade Level Phase-In
     School year          Grade Level  
  2013 - 2014..........K-5
  2014 - 2015..........K-6
  2015 - 2016..........K-7
  2016 - 2017..........K-8

Welcome to Charlotte Choice Charter

Early Dismissal:  To ensure the safety of our students CCC will close 2 hours early at 1pm on tomorrow afternoon February 11, 2014.  

Charlotte Choice Charter 

Open Enrollment Dates
(Jan 5,2014 thru Mar 30,2014)

Lottery Date
(April 3, 2014)

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Charlotte Choice Charter is a tuition free school approved to serve grades K-8.   Our mission is  to cultivate a passion for learning and community service.  CCC opened its doors August 19, 2013 with an enrollment of approximately 216 scholars. CCC serves a diverse group of learners with a small scholar to adult ratio.

Students at CCC  are referred to as “scholars”.  A scholar is a student who is highly educated or one who has a high aptitude for learning.  We believe that all scholars can and will learn and ensure that they learn by providing differentiated instruction in all subject areas.  Teachers design tiered lessons and activities that address the individual needs of all scholars.  When designing these activities and lessons, teachers consider scholars’ learning styles and interests.

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